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Dr. Fung's Dietary Supplement for Children

Internal: 1 to 3 full droppers, every 3 to 4 hours, added to juice or to boiling water to partially evaporate the alcohol One Fluid ounce, 10 day supply This formula is intended for children over 8 months or adults unable to swallow pills

Forsythia Lian Qiao
Morus leaf Sang Ye
Shen-chu Shen Qu
Dendrobium Shi Hu
Fritillaria Zhe Bei Mu
Platycodon Jie Geng
Eriobotrya Pi Pa Ye
Microcos Po Bu Ye
Pu Er Tea Pu Er Cha
Trichosanthis Peel Gua Lou Pi
Pinellia Ban Xia
Chrysanthemum Ju Hua
Mentha Bo He
Peucedanum Qian Hu
Immature Aurantium Zhi Shi
Gardenia Zhi Zi
Eupatorium Pei Lan
Perilla Leaf Zi Su Ye

Other Ingredients: Water, alcohol 20% by volume, glycerine.

This product is not intended for use by pregnant women.

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