Whole Food Starter

Whole Food Starter

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Does this describe you?

You’re beginning your health journey and like the convenience of healthy staples
sent right to your door. If so, the Whole Foods Starter Kit is perfect for you!


- Provides high-quality, whole foods that support optimal energy, digestion, and
basic nutrient needs

- Includes a range of options that make healthy eating easy

- Takes the guesswork out of choosing quality products

Some of our favorite whole foods and nutrients curated for the health conscious
individual. Great for those just dipping their toes into whole foods, as well as the
“health-foodie” who wants to try some new products.

Curated Wellness Guide (also included)

This curation includes a comprehensive Beginners’ Guide to Holistic Health. It contains specific, easy to implement nutrition and lifestyle strategies to guide your health journey.

Interested in diving deeper? Check out our Research Library.

Raw material and manufacturing shortages are resulting in some of our favorite supplements being temporarily out-of-stock. When possible, we've included alternatives. For items without alternatives, be sure to check back with us to complete your curation!