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Jennifer Herman, FNTP, FSS

Favorite Supplement or Nutrient: Magnesium and plant based digestive enzymes. These two have been staples in my personal journey to wellness, and I find they can be extremely beneficial to most everyone as well. They both help calm our systems in their own ways.

Joel Brown, BA, NTP

Favorite food: Tacos. Even when I am not actively eating tacos, I am thinking about eating tacos. If I didn’t make tacos at home at least once a week, my family would probably kick me out.

Emily Alexander, M.Ed, FNTP

Favorite Food: Do sauces count? If so, then I’d have to say pesto is definitely my favorite. Lately we’ve been enjoying a weekly dinner of lentil pasta with grilled shrimp and broccoli topped with pesto, but to be honest I love it on just about everything.

Karen Deputy, BFA, NTP

Favorite Supplement or Nutrient: Bitters are a game-changer for me. I always thought bloating after a heavier meal was inevitable - turns out my digestion wasn’t being supported properly. Bitters are exactly what I needed.

Dagmar Foy, FNTP

Favorite Food: Hands down, avocado. Sliced, diced, smashed, whole, in salads, on burgers, with eggs, you name it, I’ll eat it. Every. Time.


"Jennifer has taken the time to educate me on how to listen to my body and learn which supplements are best for me. Her knowledge of the human body and its systems have helped me to feel better than I have in years."

Ashley W. (West Virginia)

"Dagmar is very down to earth and looking to truly help improve your health needs. She made me feel comfortable from day one and I will continue to reach out to her for services."

Trish L. (Colorado)