Work that matters and helps to make a difference for others!


Join Curated Wellness and make a difference

Curated Wellness is here to eliminate the guesswork around nutrition and supplements and help direct people on their path toward optimal health and wellbeing. We offer the highest quality supplements on the market, practitioner-designed tools and solutions to target specific health objectives, and a practice of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners available virtually, seven days a week for realistic guidance, and individualized dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.

What you can expect

At Curated Wellness we recognize that everyone brings something unique to the workplace and we celebrate diversity in talents, experience and opinions. Our authentic and enthusiastic team-oriented culture draws from our shared vision to help people find optimal health from the inside out. 

When you join our mission-driven team you can expect lots of sharing nutrient-dense recipes, knowledge sharing across the wellness spectrum and flexibility for a good work-life balance.

What we value

These are the core values that guide our team and our work at Curated Wellness

Act with integrity – We’re honest, authentic, and transparent and we’re committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of our members and our team. We’ve set high standards in all that we do — from the companies we align ourselves with to the empathy and passion we bring to our clients.

Support each other – We are committed to an environment of connection, collaboration, and empowerment not only amongst the Curated team, but within our membership, communities, and our families. It shows in the work we do as a team and how we educate our community.

Keep it joyful – We find joy in the pursuit of empowering our members, ourselves, and each other and in making people feel good. We laugh with one another, we are grateful for each other and the Curated community. We celebrate successes.

Honor differences – We believe our differences strengthen us as a team, as a company, and in our mission. We celebrate and honor the input, ideas, and experiences of people with differing backgrounds, views, and beliefs because we have a lot to learn from one another.