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3 Unique Health & Nutrition Assessment Quizzes

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You may have taken this quiz as a visitor, feel free to move on to one of our deeper assessments. Not sure where to start or forgot your results? Let's figure out your top health priority.

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Digestion your top priority? Let's see which of our 5 digestion curations is right for you.

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Is energy, mood, stress your focus? Let's see which curation fits your current needs.

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Desgined by our Wellness Professionals

To serve our clients the best we can, Curated Wellness utilizes the most comprehensive nutritional analysis tools available today - all backed by the Nutritional Therapy Association. Our unique Curated Health Assessments and quizzes provide our Nutritional Therapy Practitioners with a wide range of insights that help to more efficiently support our clients. From onboarding new clients to our practice and analyzing their unique health needs and goals, to addressing our client's nutrient needs through supplement and food based recommendations, our process and the tools we use allow us to have the greatest impact we can on our clients health and well-being.