Curated Team

Founder & CEO

Brian Van Hecke, MBA

Hi, I’m Brian.

I founded Curated with one goal in mind—to help a million people across the country achieve their health goals. Inspired by a trained Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I was equally amazed and impressed by her wealth of knowledge and her ability to help others overcome so many common health conditions that inflict so many in our country.

Initially, the idea was to provide a professional-grade supplement store and essential curations with the goal of eliminating the guesswork around vitamins and nutrients. My dream quickly grew to building and empowering a national team of Nutritional Therapy Association trained professionals who together could bring customized, natural solutions to those seeking a holistic approach to health. Integrating programs of diet, lifestyle and supplements to support the body’s natural innate ability to heal itself and thrive.

I received my BS from the University of Vermont and an MBA from the University of North Carolina. My career started in New York City working for Citibank/Citi and I spent nearly a decade at Bose Corporation. I am also the founder of two successful technology businesses (SoundTube Entertainment and OnSite Media). SoundTube was a multiple recipient of the Consumer Electronics annual Innovation Award. OnSite Media was recognized by Inc. Magazine twice as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in North America and by Deloitte as a 500 Fast Technology Company.

Born in Dayton, OH and still an avid Dayton Flyer basketball fan, the value of hard work and ingenuity were instilled in me at an early age. Something about those Wright Brothers and the birthplace of aviation! Health and wellness became a foundation of my life while in college and exploring the Green Mountains and diverse seasons of Vermont.

I have 2 wonderful “little dudes” (Jake and Jones). We love biking, skiing, playing tennis, golf, and pretty much anything outdoors. I also enjoy coaching my kids’ teams (soccer, basketball and currently baseball). One of the best things about living in Santa Barbara is our amazing farmer’s market and access to fresh produce year-round. Being a single dad has its challenges, but I’ve learned to be a decent cook along the way for me and the boys and really appreciate our local farmers.

I hope you choose to join our community today and let us help you finally reach your health goals. If given the opportunity, I know you will find our team at Curated is passionate, professional, and fully committed in supporting you. Get started today by eliminating the guesswork and achieving your health goals!


Tracy Thomas, MA, FNTP, CGP

Hi, I'm Tracy.

Wanting to help people live into old age with sharp minds, active bodies, and joyful spirits, Brian and I spent countless hours trying to figure out how to bring holistic wellness to more people and in a way that made it easier. Wellness is a mindset and a way of life, and with that in mind Curated Wellness was born with the goal of helping a million people reach their highest potential, while making it both convenient and supported. 

I'm a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, GAPS practitioner, and mental health nutritionist. I came to holistic nutrition after a 20 year journey of research, determined to figure out which foods truly nourish the human body. I couldn't find any continuity as nearly every new diet in the media seemed to contradict the one before it, but when I was ready to have a baby, I knew I needed to get to the core of what health really was, so I could provide my future baby the most nourishing environment possible. 

I found holistic nutrition, where the science across the field resonated with my core, and the focus was on healing the human body with real food. I dove head-first into my formal education and immersed myself in what I had been yearning for. Now, with an extensive understanding of what human bodies need to thrive, I work on balancing the systems of the whole person through education on proper nutrition and the use of natural supplements, so others can better navigate both the media and the grocery store. My passion is helping others identify the imbalances that have been holding them back and educating them to become the healthiest and most vital versions of themselves!

I received my credentialing as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner from the Nutritional Therapy Association and a Master’s Degree from UC Santa Barbara. I also hold several additional post-graduate health certifications. When I’m not further educating myself on health and nutrition or cooking delicious, nutrient-dense meals for my family, I’m usually outdoors enjoying the beauty of Santa Barbara, or skiing, hiking, and biking on Mammoth Mountain, my home away from home. 

My most sincere wish is for you to enjoy your most vibrant and joyful life, nourishing your mind, body, and spirit everyday!

Chief Operations Officer

Stephanie Selinger, MBA, FNTP, RWP

Hi, I’m Stephanie.

I came to Curated Wellness to help with marketing and now spend my time helping more broadly with company operations.  

As a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I was drawn to Curated’s mission of eliminating the guesswork around nutrition and supplements and supporting people’s path toward optimal health. There is so much misinformation and confusion in the wellness industry today and I loved the idea of bringing the principles of nutritional therapy to the masses and helping people cut through the noise.

I received my BS in Finance from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana and an MBA from Saint Mary’s College of CA with a concentration in Marketing. Much of my career was spent in the investment industry where I held roles in strategy, portfolio management, business development, client service, and marketing. I have a passion for writing, educating and analyzing data and have an eye for creating repeatable processes. After some health challenges due to stress I decided to change careers and I attended nutrition school with the Nutritional Therapy Association. 

I’ve spent most of my life on the west coast, but spent some years in the midwest where I developed a taste for the Chicago hot dog and love for the Cubs. I call Portland, OR home where I love practicing yoga, fermenting, and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my family.

I believe that everyone deserves to live a vibrant and healthy life and this can be achieved far easier than we are led to believe. Armed with practical and achievable nutrition advice, manageable lifestyle tips, and targeted, quality supplements curated by our practitioners and picked just for you, your path toward optimal health starts right here, join us!

Chief Wellness Officer

Christie Banners, BA, FNTP, RYT

Hi! My name is Christie Banners and my role at Curated is Chief Wellness Officer, which sounds a bit too formal for me. I think of myself more as a mentor to the practitioner team and liaison with the leadership team. I’m grateful to use my knowledge and experience in nutrition, business, and mentoring to help our team and our members shine.

I have a BA in Marketing and French (I lived in France for a semester and the food was amazing!). I got my start in global purchasing and strategy in the automotive industry where I led teams in decision making and change implementation. After witnessing some pretty dramatic health improvements with dietary change, I was hooked on nutrition and went back to school and started a whole new career! I enjoyed working with clients locally and speaking to medical offices, schools, and sports teams, on the positive impacts of nutrition. As a Lead Instructor for the Nutritional Therapy Association, I empowered other practitioners to influence the health dynamics of their own communities. Education is power! When the opportunity arose to join Curated, I jumped at the opportunity to continue sharing the power of food and lifestyle choices!

I’m a family girl and I enjoy gardening, growing herbs, cooking for a large crew and having a full dinner table. My husband, teenage kids and I love to travel and we try to explore at least one new place every year. You’ll often find us outside on the ski slopes, paddle boarding, doing yoga, walking the dog, or playing in or on the water. At home we’re thoroughly entertained by our goofy Standard Poodle and two cuddly cats.

My mission is to make healthy eating fun and approachable. Reconnecting people with their bodies and their food inspires me. Food and lifestyle choices should not add to our stress! Instead they can bring us joy and satisfaction using a moderate, delicious, and sustainable approach to nutrition. I hope we can empower you to fuel your body with the food and connection you need to thrive!

Chief Product Officer

Leslie Matis, BA

Hi, I’m Leslie­ – a digital innovator, Mom, and product creator.

I’m a huge believer in channeling the universe for evoking positive change. A friend introduced me to Brian (Curated’s founder) at just the right time and I’ve been working with our amazing team as Chief Product Officer since. I consider myself a health conscious person, but supplements have always confused and overwhelmed me. I’m so excited about Curated’s mission of eliminating the guesswork around supplements and nutrition, especially building the right tools to help others learn and adopt their own personalized supplement and food recommendations from our awesome practitioner team!

Over the past 15 years, I’ve been an innovator in the digital space, creating products for companies like AARP, Vanguard, Humana, Holiday Retirement, GE, and WordPress that help people enhance their lives. With a background in project and product management, sales and marketing, I strive to put customers at the center of everything I do to build products that are delightful, helpful, and engaging. My love for research, testing, and analyzing data comes in handy when the time for business growth and innovation are at hand. With a passion for bringing content to life, I’ve developed over 50 wellness programs that have helped people find balance, make room for gratitude and eat well to live well. 

I’ve split my time between CA, NY, and NJ. Santa Barbara is home now where I enjoy hiking, spinning, travel, wine, gardening and home renovation with my husband, 2 energetic boys, Saint Bermastiff and chickens.

Chief Technology Officer

Andrew Werling, Technologist, SWE

I’m Andrew, a Technologist specializing in Software Engineering + Web Development. 

I feel blessed to have connected with the CEO of Curated Wellness, Brian Van Hecke and the amazing team that has been put together under this brand. At Curated Wellness I help weave a variety of technologies and services together. It’s exciting to build a product that not only helps its users but provides value and knowledge in an area that is quite often difficult to navigate alone. 

Before joining Curated I’ve held positions in: Website Design/Development, Agricultural Software Design/Development, Cryptocurrency Software Design/Development, High Powered Laser Show Design/Programming, Lighting Show Design/Programming, Graphic Design, Motion Graphic Design, Digital Signage, Video Editing/Production, Audio Engineering/Production, High-End Event Production, Biodegradable Plastics Marketing, and Renewable Fuel Production/Reclamation.

When not working and living remotely, Park City, UT. is where I call home. In my spare time I ride electric unicycles, slack-line, rock climb, snowboard, skateboard, swim, hike, and camp.

Content and Communications Manager

Brook Reyns, BS, FNTP

Hiya, I’m Brook­—a writer, turned nutrition professional, turned writer again. 

I landed at Curated Wellness as the Content and Communications Manager where I jumped at the chance to combine my first love of writing with my nutrition knowledge and I was drawn in by the company’s mission to educate and empower its members with sustainable new habits—a paradigm I could really get behind.

I hold a BS in Scientific and Technical Communications from Michigan Tech, and I’ve worn a lot of hats. In the non-profit sector, I grew fund development programs and wrote grant proposals. In my private nutrition practice, I worked one-on-one with clients, guiding them through their health journeys, and sharpened my nutrition knowledge as a lead instructor at the Nutritional Therapy Association, guiding adult learners in becoming nutrition professionals. In every role, I was drawn to writing and editing and they became my favorite parts of the work.

The Pacific Northwest is home for me, but I’m a Midwesterner at heart. I’m obsessed with Instagram foodies and I have music on just about every minute of the day, especially in the kitchen—The Black Keys, Brandi Carlile, and Nathaniel Rateliff on repeat lately.

I’m confident that a moderate and bio-individual approach to wellness is what will cultivate lasting change, starting in smaller communities and rippling outward. Communicating that philosophy in a way that’s accessible and down-to-earth is my mission as a writer and in planning meaningful content. I hope you join the Curated community so you too can experience the ripple. You can sign up for our newsletter here.

Creative Marketing Consultant

Sarah Caffrey, BJ, NTP

Hi, I’m Sarah—a writer, designer, and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner here at Curated Wellness. I live in Kansas City with my husband, our 1-year-old son, and a yellow lab.

I believe in taking a balanced approach to health and wellness by using nourishing foods and lifestyle techniques to balance hormones, improve gut health, and increase metabolism. 

A little bit about me—I first found the health and wellness world when I was an undergrad studying Journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia. While in school, I went through a period of weight gain and found a solution with whole foods and movement. After I graduated, I began my career in advertising, but never stopped dreaming about turning my passion for food and nutrition into something more. So, I did what millennials do, and I started a blog, where I post recipes and healthy living tips and tricks. It was in that online space that I discovered the Nutritional Therapy Association and decided it was finally time to take the plunge into a formal nutrition education.

The NTP program completely changed my life—and that’s coming from someone who thought she was pretty “healthy” to begin with. I found out that even though I looked perfectly healthy on the outside and was at a normal weight, I was not as healthy as I assumed. After years of living a conventional lifestyle and taking pharmaceuticals like hormonal birth control and antibiotics, my digestion and hormones were a mess and manifesting themselves in skin and mood issues. What I realized during this time was that even though I was making the right nutrition choices, there were other things like stress and environmental toxins that were making me sick in ways I didn’t recognize. I soon began implementing a new approach to food, movement, supplements, and lifestyle products and slowly began to see my symptoms improve.

Customer Care Manager

Melissa Pilones

Hi, I’m Melissa Pilones. I may not be Japanese, but I sometimes have a huge craving for Cali maki or just maki in general, and you’ll always find maki or instant ramen hidden somewhere in my pantry. But, who doesn’t love Japanese food? I believe eating food we love is essential to feeling great and boosting mood, making Japanese food a “good mood” food.

I’m from the Philippines and I would love to explore each corner of the archipelago. I’m always fascinated by the diversity of culture and food in every region.

I graduated with a degree in Network Technology from Mapua MIT and I first worked in technical support, where I once received an award as a top-performing representative, and later on promoted to team manager.

I’m often hooked with things that involve analysis, problem-solving, and people management. An unlikely combination of skills that gave me an opportunity to work as Customer Service Manager at Curated Wellness. Having experience with managing a group of people as a CS Manager and building system operations in network technology, I'm well-equipped with the skills and knowledge to carry out Curated’s mission of empowering its members.

I believe with an effective system in place and the right mindset around nutrition and lifestyle, we can positively influence how we feel and how we put things into the right perspective.