Partnership for A Healthier America


At Curated Wellness we believe nutritious food is at the heart of a holistic approach to health, yet we recognize access to healthy food is far from equal. Barriers like affordability, proximity, transportation and preparation are a reality for many people and limit the probability of getting better, quality food where it’s needed most.

Champions of Food Equity

In an effort to support making quality food more accessible, we donate a portion of every membership to A Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA). We love their mission of pursuing health equity by transforming food landscapes to get nutritious food into the hands of disproportionately affected people. 

They’ve created a diverse network of food producers, retailers, educators, medical professionals, and food banks to provide healthier options and create a holistic approach to resolving barriers to health.

Your Membership Dollars at Work

When you become a Curated Wellness member you’ll support PHA’s collaborations and initiatives, elevating the needs of diverse communities, getting fruits and veggies on the tables of more people and ensuring better overall health outcomes.

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