Client Testimonials

We love hearing from our members and clients. Our team is dedicated to improving the lives of others.


I never knew what supplements to take or which brands to trust. Curated Supplements gave me the confidence I needed to stick with a regimen and finally see results!

Samantha R. (Park City, UT)

I suffered from chronic inflammation and gut issues. I was really struggling. Curated helped get me on the path to having a healthy microbiome and more energy!

Jonathan M. (New York, NY)

My family and I needed a virtual practice to recommend the right supplements for us as active adults and our children. So happy we found Curated. They're awesome! 

Lisa R. (Raleigh, NC)

Being a competitive racer and triathlete I was looking for a practice to help guide my supplement regimen. The practitioners at Curated are true experts and know their stuff!

Ryan T. (Seattle, WA)

The Curated supplement shop is amazing. Super easy to use with the right brands and really great prices. I've shopped other sites but this was by far the best.

Jeff B. (Austin, TX)

Wow! The staff at Curated is so helpful. They were prompt in responding and helping me get the right supplements. Super grateful to find Curated.

Kaitlyn D. (Los Angeles, CA)

I knew my microbiome was messed up and I was determined to get healthy. The team at Curated guided me to some really great probiotics and a complete program to repair my gut. Thanks Curated!

Kristin S. (Columbus, OH)

So glad I become a member of Curated Supplements. It was easy and free as advertised. Their supplement prices really are great plus you get access to their practitioners and all their curated supplements.

David M. (Denver, CO)