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Iron Liquid 30 day supply


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Iron’s primary role is oxygen transport throughout the body. Higher levels of iron are needed during intense physical activity, adolescence, and anyone following a vegetarian or vegan dietary lifestyle. Most of our current dietary intake of iron is sourced from animals. Eidon Iron is not derived from animals. Supplementing with Eidon’s Iron will help you get an adequate amount while not overburdening the body with excess.

Iron Supports:

• Hemoglobin – the iron containing molecule found in blood and responsible for oxygen and carbon dioxide transport*
• Myoglobin – the iron containing molecule found in muscle tissue which is responsible for providing extra oxygen to the muscle during intense physical exercise*
• Cytochromes – the iron containing molecules necessary for the production of ATP, our energy currency*

Serving Size: 30 Drop
Servings Per Container: 30

  Amount Per Serving % of Daily Value
Iron (as iron sulfate) 5 mg28%

Other Ingredients:
De-ionized water

Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Starch Free, Preservative Free, Vegan, Free of Artificial Colors/Flavors, Non-GMO

30 drops (2 dropper squeezes) per day in water. Children under five - 15 drops.

Store at room temperature, tightly closed. Keep out of reach of children. Do not freeze.

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